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Bermuda Triangle/Mary Celeste: Your "facts" on these subjects are not necessarily true as you have overlooked the fact that their are exactly 10 of these triangles all spaced equally around the earth and i cannot remember their exact references but they are all the same angle away from those lines that divide the earth up so it cant be coincidence. I agree that the horror stories told about the bermuda arent usually true but there is still some mystery about it. Sorry about my grammar, its crap isnt it. Heres another mystery for you : The Great Tunguska Explosion, there are loads of explanations for it but none them make sense completely...
Actually you're wrong. There are actually 12 of these so called triangles in existence. It was actually quite easy to figure out where they all are. You find center of the Bermuda Triangle. Next you measure how far north of the equator it sits and you go an equal distance south of the equator. Then you divide the globe up and spread the additional 8 triangles around the globe. Finally you place a triangle on the North Pole and the South Pole. Now you have twelve mysterious locations.

It really doesn't matter what is happening in those locations because what you do is look for disasters and then determine what triangle they are closest to and assign them this location. It doesn't matter is they are 10 km from the triangle or 1000 km from the triangle because all the paranormal investigator says is the event occurred in the vicinity of triangle or after passing through the vicinity. In other words, you invent the triangles and then fit the accidents to the scene. Can it be a coincidence that the triangles were discovered by the same man who made a ton of money off the Bermuda Triangle? It really isn't a coincidence it's just simple geometry.

As for the Great Tunguska Explosion of 1908, Scientists agree that it was either a large meteor or a small comet. Sensationalist have said it was nuclear explosion, a death ray, or the crash of space ship. Again the obvious answer is ignored in order to make money of off sensationalist pulp literature.

Hi my name is maria and i am really intereated in getting to know more about the bermuda triangle. i just want get something clear first, you are saying that the Bermuda Triangle stories are all made up well why would people say that things have happened there, why not somewhere else? i would really like if you would reply to my email and tell me where i can get more information on the Bermuda Triangle. Thank you very much.
Now these are good questions. Why not somewhere else? Well actually the originators of the Bermuda Triangle have decided to have the instances occur in other places. In fact they have drawn a system of triangles world wide which are suppose to be magic beacons or corridors or vortices for extra-terrestrial or other strange mysterious powers.

Now these little gateways are suppose to be equally placed all over the planet but here's the funny thing about them. The accidents don't actually happen at the actual spot where the beacons are located. They just happen nearby.

How nearby, you might ask. Well that's easy. You just pick an accident and then look to see which triangle it is closest to, and you assign it to that triangle. It doesn't matter if it happened 5 kilmeters away or 2000 kilometers away. All that matters is that it was an accident. This allows every strange accident, no matter where it occurs to be related in some way to a triangle similar to the Bermuda Triangle. Now that you know this, I advise you to lock your doors and windows and hide under your bed so you're not sucked into some space-time continuum. You've been warned.

The area of the Bermuda Triangle is one of the most popular tourist locations in the world. It is also just to the north of where virtually all the hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean form. Combine this with some of the deepest waters in the Atlantic and the Gulf Stream and you've got some interesting weather/ocean patterns.

When you have that many people traveling in such a volatile area, things are going to happen. With improved weather tracking and better navigational aids, the area has become much safer but weather and ocean currents can still be murder in the area.

Of course the first part of your question was why would people just make this stuff up? The answer is simple. MONEY. People eat this stuff up. It is popularized in movies like "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "ET", and of course the "X Files" and "Roswell".

It is so easy for the myth makers to prove that the stuff is real because they discount any actual evidence to the contrary as just people trying to cover up the truth. The more they perpetuate the myth, the more money they make. If you refuse to accept the obvious answers that nature provides and science documents, then it is easy for the pseudo-scientists to rake in the dough on yet another hair-brained theory that overlooks the obvious.

I have heard that since a lot of boats have been found without anyone on them except a dog or cat, so maybe something in the Bermuda Triangle causes them to go crazy and makes them jump overboard. What do you think about this theory? Or, what do you think happened to all of those people?
Cats and dogs have a nasty habit of looking for some place safe to hide when there is a storm or if they become afraid. There have many instances where people have left a ship or boat for a life raft only to have the ship stay afloat and have the raft be overturned in rough seas. This is why the coast guard urges people not to leave a ship or boat for a survival raft until the water is lapping over the deck.

Also, the sensationalist writers have a habit of "adding" small animals to the stories. Which sounds scarier..."According to the captain's log, the ship had been abandoned for over a week. We found no sign of life" or "According to the captain's log the ship had been abandoned a week ago but suprisingly we found a cat aboard and his dinner bowl had recently been filled"?

They also give accounts of people being found with a wine glass held in their hand sitting down at the table on ships that had sunk. Yet when you go back to the original source or interview the ACTUAL people who discovered the wreck, you find that the body was floating in room and there was no wine glass to be found anywhere.. A good example of this is the fact and fantasy of the Marine Sulfur Queen, which is attributed to the Bermuda Triangle even though it sunk in the Gulf of Mexico.

I read all these articles and books that were written in the 70's and the 80's but, I can rarely ever find anything in the 90's. I never hear about anything disappearing. Are planes and ships still disappearing on a regular basis? And if so, why doesn't anybody ever hear about it? Thank you so much for taking these questions! I look forward to hearing from you.
First off, I'm not going to use the word "disappearance" to describe these events. I prefer to call them accidents or losses. The hype began with the publication of a story in the Magazine "Argosy". It became a cottage industry for a several sensationalist writers but their research and theories were never backed up by any scientific fact. As for the second part of your question concerning planes disappearing, we have to look at two things.

When the stories of the Triangle first cropped up they did not report on any CURRENT accidents. All of the accidents were over ten years old and many of them were 50 to 100 years old. For instance, the legends surrounding Flight 19 started almost 25-30 years after the tragedy. At the time of the loss, it was a simple news blurb in most of the national newspapers. And unlike the reports 25 years after the fact, the Newspapers clearly state the planes were lost after dark, in a rain storm and in rough seas. The Military stated from the beginning that they feared the worst and saw little hope for survival. No one felt as if the planes "had just disappeared", they felt a tragedy for the loss of several airmen who died in a tragic flying accident.

The final report states (I'm paraphrasing) That because no wreckage was recovered and none of the pilots survived, it will remain a mystery on how the accident occurred NOT what became of the planes or the pilots.

This is a big difference from what the sensationalists report as fact.

If Flight 19 were to occur today, the planes would most likely be found, depending on how deep the ocean is in the crash site. (The continental shelf is extremely close to the Florida coast. The water goes from 250 feet to over 2000 feet in less than fifty or so miles.)

Still with global positioning satellites, black boxes, and better communications, locating the spot of the crash, even in severe weather would be less problematic. This is probably why their are fewer and fewer plane crashes and ships sinking for unknown reasons.

About the Bermuda Triangle... My brother Joshua told me he saw photo graph of the very bottom of the Bermuda Triangle and he said those five planes that disappeared in the 1940's were at the bottom in a circle and the only thing that was gone were the bodies. I'm Daiquiri, Joshua's sister. Please e-mail me with a response.
If it is the photo I'm thinking about, it was five navy avengers that were scrapped after WWII and were recovered in the late 1980s early 1990s. Numerous news magazines speculated that it may have been flight 19, however it was quickly learned from the serial numbers, that they were not. Also the planes were roughly dumped in a circle, as in the pattern they had been dumped overboard but not in an actual circle drawn on the ocean floor. By the time the news media had arrived, divers had marked off the area making it appear that the planes had landed in a circle. Several magazines ran with the speculation that it may have been Flight 19 but only Time magazine was nice enough to do a small follow up two weeks later that retracted the initial speculation

Hi, my name is Kristy and I'm interested in finding out about the Bermuda Triangle for a future school project. I'm wondering what are the myths about why the ships and planes disappear, like what happened to them after they disappeared. I've heard one about that the people have been in some kind of time warp but I would like to know about other theories. Hope to be hearing from you!
The best theory is that a lot of people have made a lot of money promoting such myths as facts. For some reason, these same people believe that the governments of the world conspire together to promote a worldwide cover up for fear that the common people would panic if they found out the truth. Right! This in itself is proof positive that the myths are nothing more than a myth. Can you imagine two politicians in a one room agreeing on something? Can you imagine a politician actually keeping something a secret around election time? Can you imagine world governments actually cooperating to insure the safety of the common good rather than looking out for their own interests? That's what it would take for these cover-ups to work.

When you also look closely at the myths, you will find that they tend to leave out many details and add conjecture where it doesn't need to be added in order to prove their theory.

I find it fascinating that people will look for extra terrestrial forces, time warps, and lost civilizations for answers to questions that can be explained by the forces of nature around us. The weather, the sea, and other natural forces continue to amaze and astonish scientists (and myself) today.

Take a look at the sources listed on the main page. There are a few books listed which will give you some of the strangest explanations on what happens in the Triangle. Others will give you contrary opinions.

Hi, thanks for taking my question, is this a myth or fact....do they get bad readings from compasses etc. around this area.
This is not an easy question to answer. I guess the short answer would be: People have used compass inaccuracies to help support the myth. Compass can be inaccurate for a number of reasons and the problems occur all over the world.

As you know, a compass does not point toward the Grid North but to a Magnetic North Pole. A more accurate way to plot your location is with a sextant so you can align your position with the stars. Of course you need to see the stars to do this.

Compasses need to be calibrated from time to time in order to insure they are accurate. If they are not calibrated they can easily lead you astray.

A bowl compass, which have been widely used in past did not work very well in rough sees or turbulent skies. If a pilot was flying solely on the readings of his compass and had no information on tides, currents, wind speed and such, he could easily get lost.

Also thunderstorms and such can produce an electrical charge in the air (not just lightning) that can affect a compasses accuracy.

Finally there are numerous places around the planet where magnetic anomalies occur. While some people would have you believe they are evenly spaced around the globe, they are not. It is speculative what causes the anomalies but to say they are strange would be a stretch. They are quite common and well charted.

Thus the fallibility of a compass, while not uncommon, can be played up quite easily by someone trying to spin a good tale about underwater power crystals, alien visitors, and rips in the space-time continuum.