I'm not afraid send me back to the Bermuda Triangle

One of the biggest mysteries is how did so many strange occurences happen is such a small part of the world?

The answer is simple. They didn't! What?!? You thought all those authors were being 100% honest. Hey they were just trying to make an honest buck or two.

Lets take a look at some of the more "notorious disappearances".

The Bella
Lost of the coast of Sao Roque Brazil, about 2,000 miles south of the Triangle.

The Mary Celeste
Found abandoned near the Azores. That's on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Atalanta
No location is known. It left Bermuda heading towards England (away from the Triangle). it was presumed lost in the middle of the ocean.

The Freya
Lost off the Western coast of Mexico in the PACIFIC Ocean. Was never even in the Atlantic Ocean

The Cylops
Lost in a storm of the coast of New Jersey

Raifuku Maru
Lost off the coast of Manhatten Island New York in a major storm Another ship acually watched it go down

The Globemaster Airplane (1950)
Went down off the coast of Ireland

The British York Transport (1953
Lost somewhere on a flight from the Azores to New Foundland. Never entered the Triangle

USS Scorpion Nuclear Sub.
Sank and found near the Azores

V A Fogg
Sank and found near coast of Galveston Texas (Gulf of Mexico)

I could go on and probably will.