The following were graphic drawn by me for the old Hepcat Corner. Hepcat Corner was short lived web site that hosted several musicians. Some of the artists that were represented on the site included Todd Snider, Steve Goodman, James White, Rob McNurlin, Dixie Power Trio, Jim Hoehn, Lyle Lovett, Parrotheads in Paradise, Vince Melamed, and Seven Foot Politic

All of the images began as sketches done with MacPaint II! They were then edited using SuperPaint 3 and converted for the web using a free-ware version of Graphics Converter.

The animated logo to the left was used as a footer on the page and linked to the email address

To right was th first hepcat. He wore a zoot suit; hence the name "Hep"

Note the Macintosh Mouse and the wrap-around Ray-bans.


New Hepcat The new Hepcat, took off his coat and picked up an acoustic guitar. Spats were added to make sure the Swing artist in the HepCat lived on. By now, the site was getting quite a few Ska and folk singers on board.

The last of the Hepcats brought me back to the lamppost fella. The web site was developing an area devoted to "rail road" songs. The area was divided into three area.

  1. Songs about railroads or trains,
  2. Songs that indirectly revolved around the railroad or rail life
  3. Songs that mention railroads or trains in passing but are not the central theme of the song..

For instance in group one you could have Goodman's "City of New Orleans" or maybe Jerry Jeff Walker's "Railroad Lady" In group two you could have the classic song "Hard Rock Candy Mountain" or Johnny cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" And in group three you could have "Teen Angel" by Mark Dinning (okay written by Jean Dinning and Red Surrey)

Because of my weakness for railroads and trains, the Railcat was my favorite. Note the Gibson acoustic guitar.