I've been carrying Dominoes with me for several years now. They don't weigh much and a set of double sixes take up very little room. They're more durable than cards, and you can build more things with them. You never know when you're going to be stranded on a sand bar so for me, a set of dominoes is just part of my Parrot Survival Gear.


Go out and buy a good set of dominoes. They don't cost much--okay--okay, If ya like down load hte set below, then cut them out and glue it to some card stock. Then with a sharp device cut the bones out. Be careful and you kids ask permission first.

Da basics

A domino = bone
a pile of dominoes = bone yard
the game has 28 bones.
(yes you can also buy sets of double nines and double twelves)
turn dem over and mix dem up

Draw game: Now you pick up some bones (7 if two people play less if three or more play)

da highest double goes first. (6-6,5-5,4-4 an so on)

Once a double is played, you lay down a bone that matches the same number of dots. double lay cross wise all others are end to end. If you can't make a play you pick up from da bone yar `til you can mon.

When some one run out of bones, dey win. The loser has to count up all the points in der hand. dees go to the winner. You play to fifty or hun-dirt.

Anudder way ta play Four players take seven bones each. double-six goes first. Play passes to left. If you don have a play you say "go" and da next player takes a turn. Winner is first out, and he gets everyones points left.

Option. If you lay a double you can go again if you have a play in your hand.

Strip Dominoes

A game for two or more people.
For the game you need
a bottle of rum. (not to be confused with the 5 shots per player)
a bone yard (no I mean da Dominoes man.)
your favorite Buffett CD.

Each player gets:

5 shots of rum (worth 1-9 pts rounding purposes only)
pair of shoes (5pts each)
pair of socks or stockings (5 pts each)
shorts or grass skirt (10 pts)
Hawaiian shirt or blouse or tour t-shirt (10 pts)
Undershorts/panties (10 pts)
Bra or Under shirt (10 pts)
up to two other artcles of clothing (2 pts each)

(If a player is short any of the articles they have them on credit. Players are to write on a slip all articles they don't have except the two additional articles of clothing players must discard any clothes exceeding the limit above.)

Put on your favorite Buffett CD.
Set up the bone yard and the bottle of Rum as a "Kitty"
Play either game as listed in "Rules for Dominoes."
If you play Draw Dominoes a player can take a hit of Rum rather than draw a domino.
If you are playing regular dominoes a player must take a hit from the bottle if they don't have a play.

When someone is out of dominoes they yell "Strip". Now all the other players add up there points. They begin by losing their credit clothes then start removing clothes from the outside in, starting with any two accessories then shoes, socks, and so on.

The shots of rum are used to round things off. For instance a player is caught with six ponits in their hand. They must remove one shoe (5 points) they still have one point left so they then give up (drink) one shot of rum. Always round up

Another example: A player has lost all but pants, bra and panties three shots and of rum but owes 19 pts. Player must remove pants and take one shot of rum. Player cannot use rum just to avoid removing clothes. Rum is only used to round off excess points. Player with the most clothes on at the end of the game is the winner.

Hmmm. Or are they :-)

Rules too confusing? Drink the rum, get naked, and hopefully the dominoes will be the last thing on your mind