Side-show cars

  The Red Baron
  The Beer Wagon
  The Tijuana Taxi
  The Rootbeer Baron
  The Dragon Wagon
  The Hangman
  The Paddy Wagon
  Ed Roth's Surfite
  Boot Hill Express

The Root Beer Baron

Root Beer Baron

The Root Beer Baron was inspired by an article in an old model magazine. It was a cross between the Reb Baron and the Beer Wagon. The chrome plated parts have been coated in clear amber to give a nice gold tint. The overall coller is gloss maroon The Red Barons engine as been replaced by a 426 For with 8 2 barrel carbs. The rings on the root beer barrels are made from gold foil. The beer stein from the Beer Wagon was used for the shifter and the Mack Turck's chain drive has been retained.

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