Welcome to the Unofficial Marvin Gardens Memorial Page.

Somewhere near the corner of Ventor and Atlantic Avenue, Sandwiched in between the Water Works and the Jail you'll find the humble home where Marvin Gardens was born.

This page is dedicated to the life and times of an unknown drunken calypso poet, who lived the good life, and died the great death. Gone but not forgotten, Marvin we love you!

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  1. Somebody Else's Trouble(cover-up)
  2. The Marvin Gardens Obit
  3. An account of Marvin's early life
  4. Marvin's Greatest Hit
  5. You Can learn a lot from old Winos
  6. Trouble with the Law
  7. Was this his last great song?
  8. Just The FQA Frequently Questioned Answers
  9. Alien Abduction Rumor
  10. Back to the Lost Shaker

Marvin with Friends at the Quiet Knight

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Marvin Gardens --Man, Myth, and Legend

Many questions arise about who Marvin Gardens was, where he came from and what influence did he have on the music in America. Little is known about this legendary figure. Actually for most people all that is known is that he wrote the song Why Don't We Get Drunk (and Screw) for singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett. Gardens is actually so obscure that some biographers have even suggested that he did not exist but was actually a pseudonym for Buffett himself.

Back in 1968 people from all over flocked to Chicago to make a fast buck during the 1968 convention. Chicago was not only famous for it political machine but also for its folk clubs. One such club located in the heart of Old Town was the "Tin Whistle Saloon". The bar itself was not as famous as the Earl of Old Town or the Quiet Knight but the owner, the legendary Jack "Blind Cat" McMurty was known by almost any folk singer who wanted to make it the city. McCurty was not only a saloon owner but his brother Mac, was the City Clerk. Mac could revoke any liquor license on a whim. He could also get a license approved "yesterday". Jack and Mac basically controlled who had a folk club.

Now I know what you're asking what does this have to do with Marvin Gardens?

Marvin Gardens,
circa 1971
The Tin Whistle Saloon was also know for its bartender. A one legged man with a Jersey accent and an tropical print shirt. Nothing about his looks said folk singer. He said is name was Marvin Gardens.

At the time Steve Goodman wasn't even old enough to drink but that didn't stop Jack McCurty from booking him in his saloon. Steve recalled:

To make a long story short Jimmy and Marvin agreed there may have been a slight resemblance after about half the bar called Jimmy "Marvin".

The Cover Story

We've all seen the cover of "Somebody Else's Trouble". Well if you haven't, Its just to the left of this text. The front photo was taken in Steve's house. Most people assume that the picture is really Jimmy Buffett and NOT Marvin Gardens. Shortly after the album was released, Marvin was recognized immediately by authorities.

In an attempt to throw the police of his trail, his good friends, Steve Goodman and Jimmy Buffett (who BTW bears a faint resemblance to Marvin) concocted the following story which has since become part of the mythos of Marvin: This is the way Steve described how the photo came about:

    Why is there a picture of Jimmy Buffett on the cover of this album and why is he referred to as Marvin Gardens? "He was staying at my house and on the cover there's a plant right behind his head. He was standing right in front of one of Nancy's plants, and Marvin Gardens is one of the streets on the American 'Monopoly' board, so he just thought that would be an interesting joke, and that's what he did.
Uh sure Steve. We believe you. Now that would've made a great song.

Death of an Unpopular Calypso Poet

From the Sarasota Herald-Tribune...1 April, 1989
Legendary Entertainer Marvin Gardens Dead at 42

Marvin Gardens, the wry and witty singer/songwriter noted for his risque lyrics and life on "the edge" died of a massive coronary infarction today at the Sarasota Rock 'n' Roll Rest Home, according to a statement released by the Sarasota County Coroner's Office and officials at the home. He was 42.

Mr. Gardens, best known for the song "Why Don't We Get Drunk," which was popularized by singer Jimmy Buffett in the early '70s, was an early influence in the "gonzo" style of music that included Jerry Jeff Walker, the late Steve Goodman and Mr. Buffett. "Gonzo," a term borrowed from author Hunter S. Thompson, describes the crazy, almost insane, lyrics and tunes of some late '60s and early '70s post-folk melodies.

Last known photo
of left handed guitar great,
Marvin Gardens
Mr. Gardens had been in the home permanently since a 1981 stroke - which ironically occurred on the same day that his old musical partner, Buffett, released his 'Somewhere Over China' LP. Reports indicated that Mr. Gardens was listening to a promotional copy of Mr. Buffett's 'Off to See the Lizard' release when he declared, "Oh no - this can't be happening!" He collapsed and was pronounced dead by the resident physician at the home. Mr. Gardens, the scion of a prominent Atlantic City, N.J. family, had not performed in public in some time. He is credited on several of Mr. Buffett's albums as well as pictured on the cover of Mr. Goodman's 'Someone Else's Troubles" LP. His early collaborations with Mr. Buffett were in New Orleans in the 1960s. While the two had a falling out over Buffett's decision to drop a controversial song Garden's had reportedly written for his 'Havana Daydreamin' LP, the two had partially reconciled although there were no plans to reinstate Gardens in the Coral Reefers for the upcoming tour or any other.

Reached for comment in Los Angeles, Mr. Buffett stated that, "Some people don't even know how close Marvin and I used to be. I'll miss him. We were so very close." He added, "It sort of became an on-running joke. 'Fingers' [Taylor - Buffett's harmonica man] used to call him my alter-ego. It got so bad that some people even wondered if there was actually two people or just one of us. Kind of like Batman and Bruce Wayne. That sort of thing." Recalling their early adventures, Buffett recounts, "I'd often sign in to hotels under Marv's name. Marvin never could figure out why Holiday Inn's lawyers kept sending him all those certified letters." Mr. Gardens' remains will be cremated and spread over the Gulf of Mexico after a private service today. He has no known survivors.

I smell a cover up...

Marvin Gardens Just The FQAs

Marvin Gardens *is* entirely a creation of Jimmy Buffett's mind.  (I'd
sure like to see M.G. get a role in one of these books or movies).  Before
JB could even afford to have a back-up band, there was the original
(read imaginary) Coral Reefer Band.  The line-up was:

  Jimmy Buffett, Vocals, Guitar

   Marvin Gardens, Guitar

   Kay Pasa, Bass

   Kitty Litter, Background Vocals

   Al Vacado, Drums

The part about Marvin becoming Jimmy's alter-ego *is* true.  I get the
impression that Marvin was Jimmy's ornery side.  The part about signing
into hotels I also believe to be true (I think he's used Frank Bama and
Freddy Fishstick for that purpose, too). 

Marvin did "write" 'Why Don't We Get Drunk.'  If you don't believe me,
grab your copy of Sport Coat (failing that - Songs You Play to Death or
the Box Set will do) and look by the song.  Whoever wrote that he couldn't
find any reference to Marvin didn't look very hard.  Obviously, in
1973, one might not want his *own* name on a tune like 'Why Don't We
Get Drunk.'

Apparently, Marvin had a hand in writing 'Please Take Your Drunken Fifteen
Year Old Girlfriend Home.'  I have a bootleg show where JB plays the
song (which at the time was to be released on the upcoming 'Second Wind'
LP - as you know, the song never made it and the album was retitled
'Havana Daydreamin'').  Anyway, after the song, some guy in the crowd
yells, "Marvin Gardens lives!"  Jimmy responds, "Marvin Gardens is...
barely alive...he's in the rock 'n' roll retirement home down in
Sarasota.  He's got an IV bottle with Gatorade in it."  So, that's
where that came from - Jimmy himself kind of wrote the story -- I just
put a few loose ends together  =)

Well - there is a bit more irony to the whole thing.  If you have the vinyl
of Havana Daydreamin', the inscription starts, "Well, here I am at
album four...There are now real Coral Reefers that have replaced the
fictitious characters I used to employ (Farewell Marvin Gardens and Company)."
The retirement of Marvin Gardens - both as written on the label -
but symbolically as well (the decision not to use '15 Y/O Girlfriend')
probably say a lot about JB's music.  The next album, of course, was
Changes and was probably the first one that starts to show the sounds
that we think of as Jimmy Buffet music now - it's also his first major


Take care...Stu

 The University of Georgia  
 Church of Buffett - Orthodox 
(or so goes the official cover up)

Eddie Balchowsky

My search for the elusive Marvin Gardens brought me back to Chicago.
I knew that Jimmy had hung around the folk bars in Chicago early in his
career, traveling in the same circles as Mr. Gardens.  Its hard to
pick up old trails, especially trails that are almost 30 years old.

I stopped in at Fitzgeralds, a local dive. The bartender was reminiscencing
about the old days and all the old bars.  They were talking about all
the big names who used to hit places like The Earl of Old Town and the
Amazing Grace and Stevie's old place, Somebody Else's Trouble.

All the old names kept popping up, Steve Goodman, the Holstiens,
Earl Pionke, Bonnie Koloc, Eddie Balchowsky...

Its funny the things you find out when looking for the answer to life's
other questions. I came looking for Marvin Gardens but I found two old
timers talking about one of the "old Winos".  You know Eddie?  On "You had
to be There", Jimmy dedicates "He Went to Paris" to a couple of old Winos
who live in Chicago who are "still boogying their asses off".  Eddie
Balchowsky was one of them.

But Jimmy didn't tell you the whole story about Eddie.

Eddie went to Paris, we all know that. From there, Eddie made his way
to Spain to fight in the Spanish Civil War.  That's about all Jimmy tells
you.  Well Eddie was a bit of a hero in that little war but it didn't "leave
him with only one eye". No, He didn't lose an eye. Eddie lost an arm,
instead.  Jimmy was right However. Losing an arm didn't slow Eddie down.
Eddie went on with his life and "played the piano".

He played it with only one arm.  That's not an easy thing to do. Eddie
wasn't really an old wino, either.  Eddie was one of the people who worked
at the Quiet Knight.  One of the more successful folk bars of the '60s and
'70s. Eddie was an inspiration to most of the performers who came to the
Quiet Knight and on occasion Eddie would accompany singers on the piano,
Mostly though, Eddie would play the piano after closing, and all the lights
were off. The singers would usually still be there, half drunk and tired.
And They'd listen to this man with one arm, playing quietly.  They wouldn't
say a word for fear that he may stop. The songs would fill the air with a
yet cheerful melancholy. Jimmy was right.  You could learn a lot from old

It took a lot of guts and determination to be a one handed
piano player/some time barkeep. and he was an inspiration to many of the
performers at the Quiet Knight  Alliotta-Haynes & Jeramiah were so
impressed with Eddie that they also wrote a song about him. They titled it
"For Eddie"

No one knows where Eddie is, today.  I assume he went fishing with Marvin.
All I know is when I go home tonight, I think I'll drink a beer and give a
toast for Eddie Balchowsky. He must've been a great man.


Why Don't We Get Drunk And Screw

This song was written after Jimmy and Marvin went on a tree day bender.  Marvin swore he could pick up more women with this line than Jimmy could with any other pick-up line known to man-kind.  Marvin won the bet.

By: Marvin Gardens 

I really do appreciate the fact you're sittin' here 
Your voice sounds so wonderful 
But yer face don't look too clear 
So bar maid bring a pitcher, another round o' brew 
Honey, why don't we get drunk and screw 

Why don't we get drunk and screw 
I just bought a water bed, it's filled up for me and you 
They say you are a snuff queen 
Honey I don't think that's true 
So, why don't we get drunk and screw 

-- Spoken: "Pick it Coral Reefers, here we go..." 

(swing instrumental) 

Why don't we get drunk and screw 
I just bought a waterbed it's filled up for me and you 
They say you are a snuff queen 
Honey I don't think that's true 
So why don't we get drunk and screw 
Yeah, now baby I say, (Lord!) 
Why don't we get drunk and screw 

Please Take Your Drunken
Fifteen Year Old Girlfriend Home

@NOTE: Performed Live 1975, The Boarding House, San Francisco, CA
Please Take Your Drunken Fifteen Year Old Girlfriend Home
By: Jimmy Buffett (or was it really an uncredited Marvin Song?)
c. 1975
Please take your girlfriend a home
She's only fifteen, she shouldn't be back here alone
I'm horny and my mind begins to roam
So please take your drunken fifteen year old girlfriend home
She found mama's quallude 'script
Took a few just right before the show, ooh
She is no beer drinker
She used the bathroom fifteen times I know
Her overtures were rather crude
Her boyfriend he was more than rude to me
I'm twenty-eight and I don't date
I still know classy women who like me
So please take your girlfriend a home
She's only fifteen, she shouldn't be back here alone
I'm horny and my mouth begins to foam
So please take your drunken fifteen year old girlfriend home
"Oh, get her out of here."
She said our show was rather dull
She like Jethro Tull more than she liked us
She said a cab cost twenty bucks
I gave her thirty cents to ride the bus
When she hit me with that line
Something with which I just cannot agree
When she said she dug the harmonica player
A whole lot more than she really dug me
Oh please take your girlfriend a home
She's only fifteen, she shouldn't be back here alone
Oh take her to go read the Rolling Stone
And please take your drunken fifteen year old girlfriend home
Yeah, please take your drunken fifteen year old girlfriend home

The Lawyer and the Asshole
Jimmy ran into trouble with the song God's Own Drunk. It seemed that Lord Buckley's family wanted him to stop doing the song because it was hurting the family image or something. Jimmy turned to Marvin for help and Marvin gave him the answer to his troubles. That answer was:
Lawyer and the Asshole

Well This lawyer and this asshole
Out in California
Told me I can't play
'God's Own Drunk'
For you no more

I hate bein' told
What I can and can't do
So, here's a little something
So we can even up the score

Kiss my ass, Mr. Greenhill
Something's very wrong
You want all the money
And you never wrote the song

I bet your poor daddy's
Rolling over in the ground
So I'll just play my own good tunes
They still get me around

Kiss my ass, kiss my ass, kiss my ass

Marvin with Steve at the Earl of Old Town